Are you working in ELT? Is there something that you find worth sharing with the community of teachers? Whether you are currently teaching English in Berlin or elsewhere – if you have a compelling story, some great methodologies or other valuable experience to share, we’d love to hear from you!

Guidelines for articles:

  • ideal length: around 800 words
  • please keep sentences reasonably short for better readability (under 20 words if possible, with occasional exceptions)
  • give preference to active voice to enthuse your readers
  • optional: use subheadings to facilitate reading
  • optional: provide a portrait photo and a short bio for the author box (two to three sentences, feel free to add links to your social media profiles)

Please note:
Our mission is to inspire ESL teachers and trainers and to help them develop professionally.

While we do welcome well-written content that also gives exposure to good products or organizations, this should only play a minor part.

Please keep your article learner-focussed and ensure that there is a valuable take-away for the reader. Thank you!

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