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Teaching English with TED Talks: The ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’ Approach

TED talks are gaining increasing popularity on the internet, attracting a worldwide audience of fascinated viewers. Teachers can tap into this resource to use it to their benefit (and to that of their students, of course). In this article, Beate Ziebell will explain why teaching English with TED talks is a smart idea and how… Keep Reading

Intercultural competence in the classroom - celebrating with homemade cookies
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Workshop Overview: ‘Bringing the Intercultural into the Classroom’ with Mandy Welfare

In her educational and entertaining March workshop “A hitchhikerʼs guide to bringing the ‘interculturalʼ into the classroom“ at the Berlin School of English, Mandy discussed the topic of intercultural competence and the relevance of the subject in ELT. She alternately talked and gave exercises to the group to illustrate the points she made and fuel… Keep Reading

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