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January 2019

Young Englishman in traditional Indian clothing standing next to a seated elderly Indian man
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This Is My Life: Looking Back with John O’Dwyer

A flashback with member of the first hour John O’Dwyer about his story with ELTABB, teaching and the often peculiar ways things turned out for him. Early Years and Travels I was born in a small town in West Yorkshire. At 16 I went to Leeds Technical College, then found a job at 18, bought… Keep Reading

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Getting into Teaching Business English Together: Preparing for the FTBE with ELTABB

In this article, Annie Heringer shares her story about preparing for the FTBE certificate alongside other daring ELTABB members, the challenges that came with it and the benefits she reaped. FTBE, FTBE, FTBE. It took me almost a year to get these four letters right. The “First Certificate for Teachers of Business English” doesn’t exactly… Keep Reading

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