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Workshop Review: ‘Using Corpus Analysis Tools in the Business English Classroom’

Galina talks about attending Evan Frendo’s April workshop on corpus analysis tools and what she learned about data engines, the internet as a resource for teachers to find out about students’ real-life needs and how to apply this knowledge in class. This was a special ELTABB workshop for me, not only because of the unusual… Keep Reading

Peaceful Irish landscape with cliffs and sea
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Career Tips and Friendly Words for Freelance Teachers: Paul Says Hello from Ireland

Long-time Eltabber Paul recently moved from busy Berlin to quaint rural Ireland. There, he took a little time to sit back and ponder over freelance English teachers’ major challenges and possible solutions. He’s happy to share his thoughts and experiences with you. The perennial problem for English teachers is that there is simply not enough… Keep Reading

Intercultural competence in the classroom - celebrating with homemade cookies
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Workshop Overview: ‘Bringing the Intercultural into the Classroom’ with Mandy Welfare

In her educational and entertaining March workshop “A hitchhikerʼs guide to bringing the ‘interculturalʼ into the classroom“ at the Berlin School of English, Mandy discussed the topic of intercultural competence and the relevance of the subject in ELT. She alternately talked and gave exercises to the group to illustrate the points she made and fuel… Keep Reading

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Thinking about Teaching English in Berlin? Here Are 5 Things to Know

For many English-language teachers, living in Berlin is a dream. It’s a vibrant city with amazing art, music, and nightlife, but relatively inexpensive compared to cities like London, Paris, or New York. Berlin is indeed wunderbar–which makes it a competitive place to try to set up shop as an English trainer, whether you teach kids,… Keep Reading

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Getting into Teaching Business English Together: Preparing for the FTBE with ELTABB

Prep Time: Annie hitting the books till the cows come home.    Photo: Darren Foster In this article, Annie shares her story about preparing for the FTBE certificate alongside other daring ELTABB members, the challenges that came with it and the benefits she reaped. FTBE, FTBE, FTBE. It took me almost a year to get these… Keep Reading

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