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Sandra is ELTABB's Chair and the current editor of the ELTABB journal. She holds an MA in English and is passionate about brain-friendly language learning and teaching. Likes Shakespeare and Venetian lute music.
conference programme for iatefl brighton 2024
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IATEFL Brighton 2024 – Highlights and Takeaways from an International Conference for an International Language

English is an international language: us ELTABBers and our learners come from all corners of the map. But we all live and work together in our little Berlin -Brandenburg box. ELTABB Chair and Journal Editor Sandra Roggenkamp visited Brighton for the IATEFL yearly conference, to help us all think a little more outside-the-box. This year’s… Keep Reading

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The ELTABB Year in Retrospect – 2023 in Numbers

2023 was an eventful year for ELTABB, in more than just one way. Come along with us and take a look in the rear view mirror to see what happened at your local friendly teachers’ association over the seasons. 22 New Members 22 new members joined ELTABB (compared to 14 cancellations). This means our overall… Keep Reading

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Workshop Review: “Trends in Corporate Language Learning” with Evan Frendo

In this interactive June workshop, Evan Frendo cast light on current developments in corporate language learning. He discussed the implications of these for business English teachers, and talked about possible ways of adapting to new trends and requirements. Evan kicked off his talk by painting a picture of the typical present-day corporate workplace. His main… Keep Reading

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The ELTABB Year in Retrospect: 2022 in Numbers

2022 was a mixed bag for us all, with many tumultuous events, and that pandemic still lurking in too-close-for-comfort. However, at ELTABB, we still managed to give it some vibrancy, thanks to the effort and ingenuity of our members. While many of us were moved by the political situation in Ukraine, we enjoyed slowly being… Keep Reading

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Flashback: “Develop your C(O)RE: Intrapersonal Skills your Corporate Clients need to Learn” with Jeff Aristy

With language teaching and coaching increasingly overlapping, being able to help your clients grow professionally is a valuable skill to have. At his recent Inter-ELTA workshop, Jeff Aristy spilled the tea on how to advance your own career and that of your clients using the C(O)RE model. Quite the New Yorker, Jeff Aristy sure doesn’t… Keep Reading

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