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Picture of Berlin museum and TV tower from the river, with red vine leaves on the left
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Zeitreise: Living in Berlin as an English Teacher in the 90s

What was life like in post-wall Berlin for an English teacher from abroad, in a time before the internet and social media? How have things changed since then? Does British politeness go with Berliner Schnauze? Paul has the answers. It’s a crisp winter evening, and I’m meeting Paul Hewitson at Café Bleibtreu near Savignyplatz, where… Keep Reading

Two women talking on a sofa
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A Portrait of ELTABB Then and Now: Current Chair Meets Founder

Current ELTABB chair Sherri Williams meets with founder Kristi Decke. ELTABB chair Sherri Williams talks to Kristi Decke, who founded the association 25 years ago, about the early beginnings and the story behind it. Kristi Decke: My name is Kristi Decke, I brought the idea of an ELTA to Berlin in 1993, when I moved… Keep Reading

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