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February 2022

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Teaching Through Play: Using Role-Playing-Games to Teach English

Diving into the realm of fantasy and role-play is a foolproof way of getting your students to step up their language game (pun intended). Find out more about this communicative approach to learning English. “You have been travelling through the galaxy for three days when you see the space station. It is enormous, but dark,… Keep Reading

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Webinar Review: “Let’s Do some Text Squeezing: How to Get Learners Excited about Reading” with Britta Landermann

This 60-minute webinar organized by Cornelsen provided a nice refresher on different ways for teachers to use reading texts with students. Jennifer Knaeble explains her most important takeaways. To start off, Britta reminded us that some texts that we find exciting might be linguistically or lexically too demanding for our students, or the latter may… Keep Reading

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