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April 2020

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Language Coaching: The Missing Link in Present-Day English Teaching?

Language coaching is a relatively new arrival to the wide spectrum of language-related fields. As coaching flexes its muscles in the lifestyle, health, career, business and executive arenas, it’s only logical for the methodology and framework to spread into (English) teaching and education. Gabriella Kovács explains what that implies and why traditional language teaching could… Keep Reading

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Learning Languages Effectively and Joyfully: Q and A with a Polyglot

Language coach Miri Mikeska helps other language enthusiasts become polyglots like himself. Let’s see what he has to say about functional learning habits and why he gave up his career job to become a travelling teacher. Hi Miri, it’s great to have you here on the ELTABB Journal! Let’s start right away with the first… Keep Reading

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Teaching English in Times of Corona: Why Coaching Principles Make Online Learning Better

Many teachers, trainers and organizations are finding themselves suddenly remote, and the behaviors that surround online learning are different from in-person training. Within this new opportunity for ELT businesses to pivot and move their work online, there are a few challenges that need to be addressed. It was exactly halfway through our last Language Coaching… Keep Reading

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