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Following the traditional path of discovering Rammstein, Kraftwerk and Run Lola Run as a teenager, Kit has dreamed of living in Germany ever since. Finally making the move in January 2019, he now works here as a freelance English teacher by day and by night enjoys reading, writing and weeping into books of German grammar.
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Teaching Through Play: Using Role-Playing-Games to Teach English

Diving into the realm of fantasy and role-play is a foolproof way of getting your students to step up their language game (pun intended). Find out more about this communicative approach to learning English. “You have been travelling through the galaxy for three days when you see the space station. It is enormous, but dark,… Keep Reading

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Teaching English to Younger Learners – When You Trade in Participles for Apples and Dinosaurs

With many English teachers and trainers focusing on adults and business clients, we don’t hear much about teaching younger learners. However, some challenges aside, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Kit Flemons takes us on a little journey into the world of children’s education. How it started… When I was thirty, I retrained… Keep Reading

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